Sicily! Land of ceramics pots.
One of the most appreciated artistic elements of Sicily is the ceramics.
The reason for the popularity of Sicilian ceramics is the quality of Sicilian clay.
The clay is freshly mined from the Sicilian valleys and mountains and contains a mixture of unique silicates
that give the material its most characteristic special properties.
The masterpieces of Sicilian ceramics are the pots and in particular the “Moorish Heads”, which consist of
pairs of pots which depict a fair-skinned woman and a man with distinctly North African features.
Most foreigners are perplexed by this extravagant couple, which are the proud features of many exquisitely
groomed balconies and gardens all over the island.
Today there are many different styles of ceramic heads, but the most traditional remain a man of color and
a beatiful girl.
Sicilian ceramic heads are one of the most typical souvenirs that the tourists buy during their holidays in
the Sicily.
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