Every single artifact is treated in detail, making it something truly unique. To all the products that are made, whether small or large, the same care is given by every Sicilian Artist because they aim to meet the needs of each customer.
Our company – Pottery and Tiles – is in contact with many artists from the colorful island of Sicily and sell their handmade pottery abroad.
Our majolica is exclusively created with Italian quality raw materials and turned into pieces of art thanks to old Sicilian design traditions and methods.
Our products are hand painted from the best craftsman and artists that still work with passion and are happily willing to share their art, as they learned it from their ancestors.
Since our artifacts are individually handcrafted they will therefore naturally vary slightly in color, shape and design from one to the next. There may also be slight color changes, small size variations, paint smudges, fingerprints or other “non perfect” appearances – these are part of the manual process and actually represent the real added value.
This is actually normal – you can imagine our Sicilian artists working in their labs for you and many factors concur in making such small changes: the particular season which affects humidity and temperature, the hand of the artist shaping and drawing on the item, the natural variations in the composition of clay. This is also the reason why it may take a few weeks for your piece of art to be prepared – it needs time to dry naturally and this process cannot be artificially accelerated. There is no automated building process being applied to any of our items by any of our artists. You are truly getting a unique and personalized piece of art being built by expert hands in the land of Sicily.
Sicilian ceramics are considered the most valuable and precious in Italy.
In fact the most exclusive people furnish the interior of their villas with fine majolica, decorative hand painted panels and reproduce floors of historic buildings with decorative tiles.
Not to mention gardens, where porches are adorned by tables made with lava rock taken directly from the Etna volcano and decorated knowledgeably, and lawns and paths are turned beautiful with precious jars and ceramic works of art.
Last but not least, tiles bordering the most extravagant swimming pools and stone walls.
We are sure that our customers will appreciate the sophistication and uniqueness of a Sicilian piece of art, built for them in Sicily by Sicilians – such an exotic touch with elegance at its top.


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