Ceramics tiles

The tiles are entirely handmade and hand painted

Ceramic tiles are an evolution of the simple terracotta tiles. They are obtained by coating the tile after the first firing (the so-called “biscuit”) with a glossy glaze (called “luster”) and subjecting it to a second firing that produces a white surface that will be decorated by our Sicilian artisans.

…Ceramic tile starts life as a lump of earth, the clay, this is usually the main ingredient, along with other
items such as sand, feldspar, quartz and water.

  • These ingredients are mixed to create what’s known as the body of tile. After the body is formed, it’s dried out to remove all traces of moisture.
  • ­Now it’s time to the glazing. It’s that glassy looking substance on one side of the tile.
  • After the glaze has been applied, it’s time to put the tiles in the kiln to be fired.
  • ­Before each firing, a different colored glaze is applied to the tile, and the process is repeated until the design is complete.

At this point, our ceramic tile is made!