Sicilian ceramic heads

The typical Moorish head planter represent one of the most refined Sicilian artworks, so famous as to have become one of the most representative symbol of this region.
The Moorish heads, also known as “Sicilian ceramic heads” , have been enriching the balconies and outdoor areas of this beautiful land for hundreds of years. They can decorate not only the balconies but also the living rooms, gardens…

They are not the result of an artistic fantasy, but have a much more ancient and profound origin, which goes to bind to a picturesque legend whose protagonists ar3e a beautiful Sicilian girl and a young Moor.
The legend that concerns them is set in Palermo and not many people know it.

It narrates that approximately in the year 1100, period in which there was the arab domination on the island, in the ancient district of the Kalsa in Palermo lived a beautiful girl, who spent her days dedicating to the care of the house and the plants that enriched his balcony.

One day a young Moor passed by and noticed her while she was busy watering her plants, and instantly fell in love with her.
Taken by this strong feeling he did not hesitate to enter the house to openly declare all his love to her.
The girl, who was amazed by that determination and the feeling that young man said he felt for her, returned his love but as soon as she found out that the young Moor would soon return to the East, where his wife and his sons were waiting for him, she took advantage of the darkness of the night and killed him while he slept.