The making of ceramics has very distant origins, the magical mixture of clay and water has marked an
evolutionary turning point in many civilizations located in different latitudes. Some civilizations have
continued to experiment, carry out, and enrich this technique so much that it became ‘ART’: Sicily is one of
the main places where this transformation took place.

Archeological finds show that the ceramic making in Sicily took place as early as the Neolithic. However,
given the geographical location and the history of the island, it has been many different populations that
have contributed to the refinement of this technique. Greeks first and then the Arabs brought techniques
and knowledge to the island that allowed local artisans to transform ceramic artefacts into work of greater
quality and value.

Sicily has always expressed its own personal character in the processing and making of ceramics. Among
the ceramic centers are Santo Stefano di Camastra in the province of Messina, Caltagirone in the province
of Catania, and Sciacca in the province of Agrigento. The tradition of ceramics is preserved in the
experience handed down by the artisans who work and have worked in these centers. In the production of
the Sicilian artisan ceramics, the entire process is carried out strictly by hand. The forming, slow drying,
firing, glazing, and painting: a manufacturing process that requires time and dedication. The real secret of
this profession is the patience to wait!

No Pottery and Tiles product is identical to another, and the presence of small differences or irregularities
are a sign of uniqueness attributable to the process of crafting the object.

My commitment will be to bring a work of art with a lot of history of our land into your home and make it