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The art of ceramics in Caltagirone boasts a millennial tradition.
Precisely, taking inspiration from this tradition, Ceramiche Failla “come to life” at the beginning of the 90s “.
In those years, his sons Fausto, Luca, Andrea and their mother Maria began to learn the art of ceramics from the old skilled potters. From the very beginning, the Failla family made use of the contribution offered by the wife of their eldest son Fausto, Giovanna, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts.
With the passage of time, the shapes, colors, designs of tradition combined with creativity alternated in a play of lights in which monochrome and polychromy were compared to harmonic sounds that acted as inspiring muses. The decorative motifs of the objects produced by the Failla family are inspired by the tradition of the different eras in the history of Caltagirone ceramics and are interpreted in a personalized way, guaranteeing the uniqueness of each individual artefact.
Today the production of ceramic products has significantly increased but above all diversified: it ranges from vases, clocks, plates, utensils, wall tiles for kitchens and bathrooms, Moor’s heads, pine cones, lamps, to lava stone tables.
In recent years, the careful study of colors and chromotherapy has also guided us in the creation of monochromatic artifacts, with modern glass enamels.
The Failla ceramic workshop is located in the upper part of the Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte in Caltagirone and nearby is the artisan workshop where the ceramic artifacts are forged.
In July 2008, the newspaper “Bell’Italia” (issue 267) mentions among the many workshops that produce ceramics, the ceramics produced by the Failla family, showing a photo showing a plate with a floral decoration.
In 2011 the international guide “Lonely Planet” included Failla ceramics among the recommended itineraries.
In 2018 the “Mondadori Guide”, in the section dedicated to the city of Caltagirone, shows the photograph of our “jar” with traditional decorations.
Kindness and availability are the qualities that represent us.





18th Century flask



Ball shaped vase



Baroque plate



Biscotti jar



Bombola vase